Who we are

LIFE BIOCHEM TM is a trademark of «LIFE BIOCHEM» Group
Life Biochem Group specializes on development, production and introduction of nutrition and protection systems for plants and animals
The choice of our products gets constantly improved and expanded. The number of products we manufacture is more than 40 items and it increases yearly. We constantly work on the development of innovate nutrition systems to improve effectivity of agriculture production. Manufacturing capacities are located in Odessa Oblast, Ukraine.

What we do

Life Biochem Group - Ukrainian manufacturer of biological products, organomineral fertilizers, functional fertilizers, aminochelate complexes, surfactants and auxiliary substances
Life Biochem Group includes 2 our factories - Private Enterprises Scientific Production Associations AgroBioInnovatica and Life Factory, where our products are manufactured, and trade company Life Biochem LLC itselves
Life Biochem manufacturing capacities are placed on an area of 3 ha and occupy 5500 sq.m workshops and 3000 sq.m. storages with climate control system
Life Biochem inventions, researches and tests are performed in our laboratories and research platforms. Manufacturing capacities are equipped with modern chemical and microbiological laboratories, where well-known scientists and experienced specialists work
Main Life Biochem product groups Biological products (bacterial complexes):Destructors, Nitrogen fixers/ Phosphorus mobilizers; Bacterial products with fungicide and insecticide effect; Auxiliary substances. Monofertilizers in chelate form. Functional complexes of chelated microelements. Humate containing products. Surfactants and buffers. Sanitation products
We import raw materials for our production from 12 countries of the world. We carefully choose supplier as well as primary products. Besides, Life Biochem produces some materials for its own production to be sold not only in Ukraine: our products have registration in Europe, Middle Asia and Africa
Life Biochem team is a group of experienced sales managers, powerful production stuff and scientists-developers. Since the company foundation our team was and remains our pride and one of the main values

We are Life Biochem

We work every day to stay ahead of the time and meet our partners` demand for innovate, effective and environmentally friendly products

Life Biochem - a future, that is already here



Dnipropetrovsk Oblast,
Kirovohrad Oblast,
Zaporizhzhia Oblast,
Donetsk Oblast,
Mykolaiv Oblast,

Oleksandr Ishchenko Head of South-Eastern region

Vinnytsia Oblast,
Zhytomyr Oblast,
Khmelnytskyi Oblast,
Ternopil Oblast,
Volyn Oblast,
Rivne Oblast,
Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast,
Lviv Oblast,

Oleksandr Terentiuk Head of West region

Kharkiv Oblast,
Poltava Oblast,
Donetsk Oblast

Borys Sheremet Agronomist-consultant
Vadym Blazhchuk Agronomist-consultant

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